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The Turners by Mick Elliott

Reviewed by 10 year old Zac Martin


My Book Review (on Turners)

The book Turners was VERY good in my opinion. The description was amazing along with the details of everything that was happening.  Excitement was something else that hooked me into Turners. He turned into a KOMODO DRAGON!!!AT SCHOOL!!!!!!Just heaps of stuff happening (e.g.: they nearly all died by their evil aunt!) At one point I was a bit confused, but I figured it out. I think movie producers should make a movie about Turners! The two main characters were Leo and Abbie Lennox, But a couple other characters get a part in the story like Leo and Abbie’s Dad, Emerson Trimble and one other guy that I forgot. They had such an adventure. But the main thing that I love is that …

There’s going to be Turners 2! And Turners 2 might have a 5 headed creature in it!!!!!

Written By Zac    

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