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"Oryx and Crake" (The Maddaddam Trilogy) by Margaret Atwood

Reviewed by Ro Roberts

At the end of the world, a young man watches the glow-in-the-dark rabbits frolic on a lonely beach, and he wonders where humanity went wrong. As he travels in search of supplies, memories of his former life waft back to him, dreamlike. He remembers his unforgiving existence, his ambitious best friend, and the woman they both fell in love with.
    When it comes to dystopian fiction, Margaret Atwood never disappoints. 1984 meets Lord of the Flies as Atwood explores the bittersweet pursuit of compassion in a world made violent and cynical by rampant capitalism, and how even the kindest pockets of humanity may be corrupted by greed and apathy. The Maddaddam Trilogy starts with Oryx and Crake, followed by The Year of the Flood, and ends with Maddaddam.

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