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Pandora Jones Admission by Barry Jonsberg

Reviewed by Tara -Berkelouw Hornsby


Barry Jonsberg has been shortlisted for, and won, numerous Children’s Literature awards. His previous novel, ‘My Life As An Alphabet’ won the 2013 Gold Inky and the Children’s Peace Literature Award. ‘Pandora Jones’ is his first young adult series.

Pandora Jones wakes up in a repurposed military facility known as The School. She has been in a coma for two months; a lucky survivor of the most successful plague in all of history. Humanity is close to extinction. Upon recovery, Pandora takes her place among The School, an apparent safe-haven for survivors. They pass the days learning survival and practical life skills. They are also encouraged to hone specialty skills like martial arts or in Pandora’s case, telepathic abilities. It isn’t long before Pandora begins to doubt The School’s motives and more importantly, their story.

‘Admission’ is a fast-paced and action-packed read. Jonsberg has weaved a well-developed conspiracy plot and interesting post-apocalypse scenario with a hint of the supernatural. Jonsberg has created a dynamic lead as well as great, complex characters. 

Excellent for those who devoured ‘The Hunger Games’ (Suzanne Collins) or the ‘Pure’ (Julianna Baggott) and ‘Chaos Walking’ trilogies.

Highly recommended and very much looking forward to the second and third instalments!

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